Fees for 2014/2015

The fees below are per 10 week term
There are 3 terms in our academic year

Theory & Musicianship Classes

Theory & Musicianship classes are optional at CMTC.  We strongly
recommend that students taking graded examinations in their
instruments enrol in these classes to enhance their musical knowledge
and skills.  The classes will address the theory and aural requirements of
the examination syllabuses.  It is not practicable to teach these
components of the examinations during a 30 minute lesson after grade1.

Group Tuition 30 minute class €90 per term
(€75 for 2nd & 3rd siblings)

Instrumental Tuition (including Singing)

Individual Tuition   20 minute lesson   €140 per term
Individual Tuition   30 minute lesson   €200 per term
Individual Tuition  40 minute lesson    €250 per term
    Individual Tuition   60 minute lesson   €380 per term

Group Instrumental Tuition

Group Tuition    30 minute lesson   €110 per term
Pre-Instrumental Course (children aged 4-6 years)

Group Tuition   (per 10 week course)  €100 per child