Tuition Fees

The fees below are per term (10 weeks)
There are 3 terms in our academic year

Instrumental Tuition (including Singing)

A 30 minute lesson is recommended for students with a good attention span.  A 20 minute lesson serves as a useful introduction to an instrument for the first year or so, or can be suitable for a very young student or a child with a short attention span.  At grade 5 level the length of lesson should be reviewed with the teacher and a 40/45/60 minute lesson should be considered depending on the grade of the student as more material needs to be covered during the lesson.

Individual Tuition  20 minute lesson   150 per term
Individual Tuition  30 minute lesson    210 per term
Individual Tuition  40 minute lesson   265 per term
Individual Tuition  60 minute lesson   400 per term
Group Tuition *  30 minute lesson   130 per term

* Group Tuition rate applies to group lessons in guitar and singing where available

Theory & Musicianship Classes

Theory & Musicianship classes are optional at CMTC.  We strongly recommend that students taking graded examinations in their instruments enrol in these classes to enhance their musical knowledge and skills.  The classes will address the theory and aural requirements of the examination syllabuses.  It is not practicable to teach these components of the examinations during a 30 minute instrumental lesson after grade 1 as lesson time needs to be spent on pieces, technical exercises and sightreading.

Group Tuition   30 minute class         100 per term
              85 for 2nd & 3rd siblings

Pre-Instrumental Course (children aged 4-6 years)

Our Pre-instrumental Course provides an excellent foundation in the basics of musicianship for young children.  Students learn with others in a fun environment.  Course includes singing, musical games, solfege, rhythm, basic notation, playing instruments, making an instrument, movement to music etc.

Group Tuition   (per 10 week course)  120 per child

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